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100% handmade in Tahiti, The Fusion series is a Va’a World’s favorite for all long distance races. Developped in close collabaration with the EDT Va’a Team and particularly his captain, Steve Teihotahaa, this paddle has won it all: Molokai Hoe, Hawaiki Nui, Te Aito, Super Aito, Molokai Solo and many others!

Built with a bamboo shaft and a carbon fiber blade. Light, strong & very well balanced, it is the best ratio power/flexibility. Available in 9 degree square blade for more power upon water entry, ideal for V6 paddling and training sessions. Also available in 10 degree round blade, which offers more subtle water entry when a greater range of paces is needed. Ideal for V1 long distance.

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S Bend Shaft, Straight Shaft

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Apetahi, Classic bamboo, Classic carbone, Palm bamboo blue, Palm bamboo orange, Palm bamboo purple, Palm bamboo rasta, Palm bamboo red, Palm carbon blue, Palm carbon orange, Palm carbon purple, Palm carbon rasta, Palm carbon red

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Large, Medium, Small

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Round – 22.5 x 47 x 10", Round – 23.5 x 47.5 x 10", Round – 24.5 x 48 x 10", Square – 23 x 47 x 9", Square – 24 x 47.5 x 9", Square – 25 x 48 x 9", Square – 26 x 48.5 x 9"